Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

House Ironwolf is best known for its Armored Combat unit. With its many strong fighters, this unit is one of the strongest units in the Middle Kingdom. Ironwolf is known for its premier armored fighting unit. When we take the field, other units have been known to move to another location on the field. The full unit as well as individual members have garnered several awards over the years.

Heavy fighting encompasses both melee or "battle" fighting as well as one on one "tournament" combat. Both forms for adults use the medieval "training swords" or wooden swords in the foot combat mode - no hitting from horses. For the youth, there are "boffer" swords at various levels. The older youth do use a from of rattan sword to transition to adult forms of fighting.

In all cases - safety first!

SCA Armored Fighting Information

SCA Armored Combat

Middle Kingdom Office of the Kingdom Earl Marshal

Ironwolf Armored or Heavy Fighters

Sir Osric Eisenwulf

Sir Michael Au Cluin - Wolf Lord (Heavy Weapons)

Sir Mieczko the Swift of Jaroslaw

Master Perceval Gower

Baron Aindle O'Diarmada

Lord Aldrick Blackstone

Lady Anastasiia Temnoloshadyskya "Lady Tasiia"

Squire Barekr - Bear

Lord Burgolf

Lord Big Damn John

lord Bleddyn Llewynn

Warder Blaise VonBremen

Lord Conner of Loch Lommond

Lord Col MacFinnian

Lord Cathal O'Mour

Lord Canyden Scott

Lord Dale Wyn of Anglessy

Lord Darius Redthumb

lord David of WealdLake

Lord Decimus Maximus

Baron Donal O'Neill

lord Dugan Skelly Mannix aka Brother Dave

His Lordship Erevon FitzGerald

His Lordship Finnian MacFinn

Lord Finnias MacFinnian

lord Guy Wicker

lord Halvard Sigvartson

Lady Helena Falkenstein

lord Ian MacFinnian

Lord Isard Farman the Grim

lord Jack

Lord John St. John

Lord Jorver Vigstein

Dame Kriemhilt Von Ebersberg

Lord Lambert de Perreth

Lord Lienhar Fischer von Torum aka Lord Tor of Mercia

Lord Morgan End Starre

Lady Morwenna Llynn Llydaw

Sargant Octavio Gonzales de Castile

lord Ragnar the Frog

His Lordship Roderick McKraken

His Lordship Ruric Brathlidski the Bull

Lord Seamus Try �Connail

Squire Taurus Shadowbull Hoarfrost aka "Bull"

Lord Thorgar the Smith

Warder Tristan Silvertoes

Sargent Unno Genterro Yukio

Lord Zeigfried the Rover

Lord Cormac Mac Eoghain

Lord Vegor Sobeski