Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

House Ironwolf is best known for its Armored Combat unit. With its many strong fighters, this unit is one of the strongest units in the Middle Kingdom. Ironwolf is known for its premier armored fighting unit. When we take the field, other units have been known to move to another location on the field. The full unit as well as individual members have garnered several awards over the years.

Heavy fighting encompasses both melee or "battle" fighting as well as one on one "tournament" combat. Both forms for adults use the medieval "training swords" or wooden swords in the foot combat mode - no hitting from horses. For the youth, there are "boffer" swords at various levels. The older youth do use a form of rattan sword to transition to adult forms of fighting.

Siege wespons are used in conjunction with field combat in battle situations. This requires restrictions on power or poundage of the recurve bow, and bolts of a safe design to hit men in armor. Trebuchets, ballistas, and catapults are included in this class. Here are pictures of ballistas.

In all cases - safety first!

SCA Armored Fighting Information