Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

House Ironwolf Rapier Tournament Champions

Year 1 Blaise Von Bremen
Year 2 Blaise Von Bremen
Year 3 Skillet McCullom
Year 4 Skillet McCullom
Year 5 Blaise Von Bremen
Year 6 Ramiro
Year 7 Blaise Von Bremen
Year 8 Blaise Von Bremen, Wolf Lord
Year 9 Blaise Von Bremen, Wolf Lord
Year 10 Barekr "Bear" Silfri
Year 11 Lucien Featherstone
Year 12 Tristan Silvertoes
Year 13 Tristan Silvertoes
Year 14 Tristan Silvertoes
Year 15 Tristan Silvertoes
Year 16 Tristan Silvertoes, Wolf Lord
Year 17 Taurus Shadowbull Hoarfrost, Wolf Lord
Year 18 Mieczko the Swift of Jaroslaw, Wolf Lord