Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

The 2019 Household Championships (IronWolf All Thing) were held at Sir Michael and Lady Brianna's residence. We thank them for their hospitality.
Congratulations to Squire Roderick McKraken for winning both the Archery and Thrown Weapons Championships!
Congratulations to Wolf Lord Tristan Silvertoes for winning the Rapier Championship!
Congratulations to Wolf Lord Sir Michael for winning the Heavy Championship!
Congratulations to Mistress Jervisa Wainwright, Premiere Ironwolf A&S Champion
A shout out to Panda for winning Rapier medallions after traveling from the lands of the Iron Wolf Northpack. It was fun taking your measure in the AllThing.

Hi all active fighters, rapier and armored. We are having a issue falling off of the authorization database again. If you attend a practice or event please let me know so i can report you to the regional marshal in my quarterly report. If you are a marshal, and your marshalate is about to expire, please email the appropriate regional marshal to update the date. Thank you.


Hi were looking for suggestions for the Household Punch for the Pennsic party. If you have a favorite adult beverage / mixed drink, that can be mass produced, please bring it to the All thing in June for taste testing. Baroness Blackie will be choosing the winner!

We are also looking for Ironwolf trivia questions for an activity at the party. Were looking for general SCA Ironwolf knowledge questions. We would love for a volunteer who is attending Pennsic to head up the collection. Please submit your trivia questions with answers once we have our volunteer.