Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

The 2024 Household Championships (IronWolf All Thing) is scheduled for July 5 - 7, 2024. Yes, we are having the all thing this year! Sharpen your will and skill for the champions are coming for you. A reminder you must be a member in good standing and have your House dues paid in full to fight in the tourneys. Those on watch get a pass for the weekend. And may compete if they so desire. See the Facebook group event page for more information.

The Dark Hunt is scheduled for October 7, 2023. It starts with a tingle in the back of the mind, like the trace of a memory from a forgotten past. Something on the air stirs at instincts that have been buried, suppressed, almost but not quite lost. The weather turns slightly colder, the leaves begin to burn with hues of gold and red. Even the call of the geese high above seems to awaken an almost tangible need. Every twig takes on the shape of an antler, patches of leaves become the triangular brown faces of deer just out of sight.
Civilization has claimed you, and you it. But.... you struggle to be free. To walk the forest trails, smell the clean air, listen once again to the voice of nature as she whispers through the branches around you. Come, join those who also feel this call. Gather with us in the wood around camp fires, good food and drink. Venture out to once again become the hunter and gatherer that calls out to be free as you battle the forces that confront the Ironwolf!
The horn has sounded, the ride begins. Who has the courage to face the untamed lands, perhaps even the Fae themselves? Who will answer the call? Who will join the Dark Hunt? See the Facebook group event page for more information.

The annual Christmas party will be December 2, 2023. Come and bring your rapier skills to beat Crampas. Joiin your fellow brothers and sisters of the Ironwolf in feellowship over a good meal as we celebrate the season. Bring your white elephant gifts to share.
See the Facebook group event page for more information.