Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

In the Woods

by Dwyn

It was my first Pennsic. I was there with my brothers in arms to fight Rapier. Before fighting in my first Pennsic battle, I was told a few things to remember: do not leave another brother alone; if you hear a call "IRONWOLF TO ME!" - GO!; if you are alone call - "IRONWOLF TO ME!"

My first battle was in the field and I was partnered with another fighter; we fought and died together several times in the resurrection battle. (In a resurrection battle, when you die in the engagement; you go to a 'resurrection point' where you get hydration and then can return to the field of battle to fight some more.) I saw the enemy forces move away from the Company of Ironwolf when we stepped up in formation to engage the enemy. I believed it was strength in numbers as well as the skill of my brothers to cause them to flee. With my brothers at my side, we were able to hold our own and complete the task set before us as the Middle Kingdom Rapier fighters won the day!

The second day, we were in the woods. The woods battle was also a resurrection battle. In this battle, I again wore a tabard with the heraldry of the Ironwolf prominently displayed. We were tasked to hold a line in the woods; where I with only my single sword was overwhelmed and killed. I went to the resurrection point, got a few swallows of Gatorade, and headed back to my brothers; when a commander pointed me to a small group of fighters that were being overwhelmed. By the time I arrived with only my single sword, there were only two fighters - His Highness of the Midrealm and a Warder with a half dozen fighters on from the other side standing against them. I called "IRONWOLF TO ME!" as I moved to the Prince and told him to get behind me so I could protect him from death or capture. As I moved up, I heard one of the fighters from the opposition yell -"ITS IRONWOLF STEP BACK." They called for reinforcements before the 6 of them would engage me. Note: I had only been authorized to fight a few months before. I was only authorized to fight with a single sword. I only had the tabard of the Ironwolf and my sword to protect me. I stood there as they waited until they had about a dozen men with more coming; they then charged me. By that time, there were now a half dozen fighters on our side (including two of my brothers who had answered my Ironwolf call.) The Prince was nowhere to be seen as he was able to escape. I died quickly as we crossed blades; yet had been able to stop the flanking of our line by the power of my Ironwolf tabard.

When I ran with Warder Blaise the next day to stop the enemy forces; I was not surprised when the other side stopped in their tracks and stepped back as we moved toward them. I had experienced the power of the Ironwolf and enjoyed the fight with Blaze as I got a few kills in as he practically single handedly kept the opposing forces at bay. It is now my honor and responsibility to maintain the reputation of the IRONWOLF as I support my brothers on the field of battle. IRONWOLF!