Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus


by Captain Barekr "Bear" Silfri

To hunt a foe is like quenching a thirst
There is a satisfaction knowing your first.
In tracking a beast so deadly and skilled
And knowing great pride when the creature is killed.
To hunt you need prowess, bravery and skill
And the ability to carry through to the kill.
For if you cannot hunt to finish from start
Maybe this game should not ye take part.
To hunt deadly beasts is gruelling at best
Eating very little and taking no rest
Hunting your foe through thick, through thin
And see in the end if you lose or win.
To find in your soul that fire, that key
Or pray to the gods and the powers that be.
Hunt with your skill, your heart, your mind
And see whether inside you are the kind
To hear the call of the wild wolf song
And know in the end if your right or wrong.
Off in the distance the Valkries do sing
Will you die on the field or obtain the....