Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

The Path:

Knighthood Vs Becoming a Knight

The path to Knighthood is very different from being the knight you want to be. As you start on the path you start with:

1. An Example - This could be Conan or King Arthur. Who ever you think is what you want to be like.
2. Denial – I couldn’t be as good as Sir so and so.
3. Wonderment – I wonder how far I can go.
4. Hope – I hope I look good, I hope I’m good enough.
5. Excitement – you win an award or your first fight or do well in a tourney.
6. Doubt – This comes after the excitement fades and your still doing all the things you were doing and nothing happens.
7. Frustration – you become frustrated after so long, with no guidance. This will not end if you are doing the wrong things, not following the code.
8. Faith – this comes through talking to your up lines and fellowship with your up lines. You must establish who your up lines are.

Definition: Up Line – your knight or leader, the person who has done the thing you want to do.

Definition – Cross Line – this is your squire brother or good friend, but someone that has not obtained that which you want, but knows what you are going through.
Passive or non-passive competition.

Your up line should challenge you to:
A. Change – Through your prowess, comportment and the knightly virtues.
B. To Grow – Through gaining more knowledge and understanding.
C. Becoming the example of all the knightly virtues, and trying every day to follow the code.
D. And lastly by being happy with what you have. It is about wanting what you have, not getting what you want. If you always need more awards or praise for things you are doing, you are not happy and the people looking at you see this.

Sir Osric Eisenwulf, K.S.C.A.

A.K.A Homer Stone.