Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

The Code

The code of Chivalry is and was a made up thing. Here are a few of the virtues, from the oath:

"I here swear fealty and do homage to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom: To ever be a good knight and true, Reverent and generous, Shield of the weak, Obedient to my liege-lord, Foremost in battle, Courteous at all times, Champion of the right and the good. Thus swear I, Sir Osric."

1. Prowess – this was an investiture of arms. You were to wear arms and prove your fitness in that capacity, if ever called upon by your Lord or King to fight.
a. Courage: to never flee in the face of the foe. “To be foremost in battle. To be a shield of the weak.”

2. Loyalty – Stand true to your feudal obligation. “Obedient to my liege-lord”
a. Honesty – to your words always be true. “To ever be a good knight and true”
b. Faith – Champion of the right and the good. Have faith in God and the order. As a knight your actions will be forever watched by God and man.

3. Courtesy – courteous at all times. Self respect, respect for others. Tolerance, for other religions or viewpoints. Modesty, through self denial and self discipline.

4. Munificence – Reverent and generous. Hospitality and Largesse. Compassion to the poor. “Shield of the weak”

Sir Osric Eisenwulf, K.S.C.A.

A.K.A Homer Stone.