Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

What is a Knight?

Knight: The definition is one admitted to a certain military order, a rank, a dignity entitling them to have the 'Sir' prefixed to their name.

A Champion. The root word comes from the Anglo-Saxon 'cniht' meaning "one who serves. " As to our knowledge of the origin of the knightly status, we must go back as far as the foundation of Rome. The Equites were the early mounted warriors. Ordo equester, was an order adapted for the cavalry.

Today’s Knight has to do more with fairy tales, fantasy and romance than history. Becoming a Knight and being a Knight starts and ends with an example. You never stop becoming the Knight you want to be.

Knighthood is a job, one you will love and one you will hate. You must be an example of the code at all times and can never do what might be easy like cutting corners or taking the easy way. If you do it is seen by all who watch and diminishes the order forever. As a Knight, you are the embodiemenet of the code and have all the virtues. They are yours to guard and nourish. But should you choose not to care for them you will lose and become an example of what not to do for other knights.

You may fail in trying to hold to the code at one point in time, but you must be humble, honest, true to yourself and brave enough to try again. Everyday is another chance to live up to the code. Being a Knight for me means to never stop trying.

Thank you.

Sir Osric Eisenwulf, K.S.C.A.

A.K.A Homer Stone.