Ferrum Lupus Exuro in Abyssus

Company of the IronWolf

Those who wish to join our household must be sponsored by a current member. The watched then must earn a number of tokens from other household members. After they have achieved a certain number, they can call themselves up for a vote. The household members will then vote on if the watched may join.

  • On Watch
  • Corvo
  • Rurik Dreyrugr Riddari
  • Nissa Gull Riddari
  • Draca (Currently on Active Duty in US Navy)
  • Illaria Charmain Litomerice
  • Victoria of Wealdlake
  • Mirislaw
  • Lady Dragana
  • Marcus
  • Neibh

How to join House Ironwolf

Speak to a current member in good standing. They can provide the information you need.