male wolf ani gif ironwolf female wolf
Ferrum WolfExuro in Abyssus

male wolf ani gif ironwolf female wolf
Ferrum WolfExuro in Abyssus

Company of the IronWolf

Knights, Peers and Nobility of House Ironwolf

with their Squires, Men at Arms, Apprentices and Students

Sir Osric Eisenwulf

Bringer of Pain
Master of House Ironwolf

Baroness Gedryn von Eisenwulf
Lady of House Ironwolf
Sir Michael Au Cluin
Bringer of Death
Wolf Lord
Lady Brianna Au Cluin
Lady of Sir Michael Au Cluin
Mistress Jervisa Wainwright
Order of the Pelican
Lord Perceval Gower
Order of the Pelican
Senior Squire of Sir Osric
Steward of Northpack


Sir Michael's Squires

Lord Barekr "Bear" Silfri
(formerly on loan to then King William, rex of Midrealm)



Mistress Jervisa Students



Man at Arms to Sir Michael


Man at Arms to Sir Mieczko


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