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Ferrum WolfExuro in Abyssus

On Knighthood

The Code of Chivalry

by Sir Osric

What is a Knight?

by Sir Osric

The Path to Knighthood

by Sir Osric


by Sir Osric

Ironwolf Codex

Ironwolf Codex - pdf file format

by Sir Osric



by Sir Osric

The Tale of St. Brogan

by Sir Osric

The Hunt

by Barekr Silfri

Songs of Ironwolf

Wolves at the Castle

Written by a spectator watching the
prowess of Ironwolf at the Castle
Battle of Pennsic XXXIII

I'm an Ironwolf

Words by Lady Sęhildr barngóšr

Tune: "Frčre Jacques" (circa 16-17th Century?)

I'm an Ironwolf! I'm an Ironwolf!
Yes! I am! Yes! I am!
I will cut your head off! I will cut your head off!
Just for Fun! Just for Fun!